Chapter 10: Case Study 2. “American Engineer Blows the Whistle on Airbus’ Superjumbo A380”

1. Discuss the importance of redundancy to such safety-critical systems as the Airbus A380’s cabin.


The Airbus A380 cabin was a pressurized control system that ensures the safety and comfort of the passengers and other personnel inside the plane. The Airbus is a DO-178b standard level A, the failure of any software is assumed to have potential catastrophic consequence for flight operations. There are many requirements to meet the standardized level A of the Airbus: to test the software for any error, every test must record and detailed. And also the program should examined at least once of all possible values and have any decision to make because every decision must have a condition to make to shown the good possible outcome of the test.

2 .If TTTech were located in Kansas City rather than Vienna, what protection would Joseph Mangan receive as a whistle-blower?


The protection would joseph mangan receive his family find themselves fighting a legal battle in a foreign country with unfamiliar laws have that them almost painless. But the European aviation authorities told mangan to believe that there are problem with a computer. Because of the incident Mangan fight for his right as whistle-blower that they are ploblem for the Airbus A380 but the company could not believe to him.

3. Mangan risked a year in jail and went bankrupt trying to convince people of a problem. If he were simply a disgruntled employee, there are many ways he could do damage without putting himself under such pressure. Is it possible that there was a problem and that Mangan’s actions forced TTTech to address and fix it before EASA and the FAA discovered it themselves?


It possible there is a problem because if you read the case of mangan the problems mangan insist that the he had discovered serious defect in the software and requested that TTech correct the software before continuing process. Mangan believes that the flaw of the software is the cause of the rapid loss of the cabin pressure. And also mangan discovered when installing the chip there are unpredictable commands when fed the certain data that the time of nightmare of mangan the failure of four valves and cause of 555 set jetliner to crash.


Chapter 9: Case Study 2. “Kaboodle-A Successful Social Shopping Web Site”

1. Register as a new user at Kaboodle (it’s free) and experiment with the social shopping Web
site. Briefly summarize how easy or difficult it was to join, discover products you were interested in, create a list, use the “Add to Kaboodle” button, and look at similar lists created by
other members.


Kaboodle is the web site shopping store that the customer can registers their name to social shopping web and they can start shopping. They also select product through list on the site and they can order directly. Like:

1. Furniture product

2. Dry goods

3. Dress for male and female and also for the kids

And some product that useful to as in home or in outdoor use.


2. Based on your experience, what recommendations for improvements or new features do you have?


First they must insure that their products are new, not expired, useful and durable for the customer. And also as time goes by from now on, they must upgrade their system because the world right now is very high-tech in terms of the technology.


3. Would you expect the number of members in social shopping Web sites to continue to grow over the next few years? Why or why not?


First they must insure that their products are new, not expired, useful and durable for the customer. And also as time goes by from now on, they must upgrade their system because the world right now is very high-tech in terms of the technology.

Chapter 8: Case Study 2. “Does IT Investment Pay Off?”

1. Apart from the annual rate of output per worker, what are other ways of measuring labor productivity?

Answer: The other way of measuring labor productivity of the worker is the output per hour of the personnel. And also evaluate the production rate of the entire workers so that you can analyze the input of your production process. The company should also measure the revenue of the company to test whether the company is undercapitalized or overcapitalized; so that the company may Barry the rate to the measure of capital. They also have to consider the punctuality and dependable of the workers.

2. What factors determine whether a new information system will increase or decrease labor

Answer:   The company has to test the capacity of the new system if it really fits on the company. And also the company have to determine and consider the processing time if which is the fastest processing time between the old information system and new information system. If the company has to prove that the old or the new is the capable to their company so he decides whether the factor must increase or decrease.

3. Why is it so difficult to determine whether IT has increased labor productivity?

Answer: It is because the labor productivity depends on how the environment has evolved such as the company adaptability of the workers and also their process on how they run the business.


Chapter 7: Case Study 2. Prius Plagued by Programming Error

1. Do you agree with NHTSA’s assessment that the problem with the Prius was not a safety critical issue? In such cases, who should decide whether a software bug creates a safety critical issue—the manufacturer, consumers, government agencies, or some other group?


Yes, Since the public release of the NHTSA the agency has revised its redactions to the reports. And also release certain material previously deemed confidential. This report presents NHTSA’s studies and findings concerning UA in vehicles manufactured by Toyota. If we checked or test the software it could be safe because they didn’t put software to the car if create dangerous to the people.



2. How would the issue have been handled differently if it had been a safety-critical matter? Would it have been handled differently if the costs involved hadn’t been so great?


Many of the automakers problem or issue is a programming error could have an enormous financial impact on an automaker in terms of major lawsuits and recalls. Besides that the potential problem is high because software impacts engine performance and controls many safety-related systems, such as steering, anti lock brakes, and air bags. But some company doesn’t believe that the no.1 problem is safety because they secured and test product before they sale to the market.

3. As the amount of hardware and software embedded in the average car continues to grow, what steps can automakers take to minimize warranty claims and ensure customer safety?


The safety and the quality of the product, is the top priority of the industries, and also for our customers. Consequently, there are some automakers have developed and introduced many of today’s most significant safety features without a government mandate. Because of that there are many incident happen to our country. According to Consumer Reports Auto Brands Perceptions survey for, the number one factor consumers consider when they purchase a new vehicle is safety. Voluntary safety features developed and implemented by automakers include anti-lock brakes, ESC, electronic roll mitigation, adaptive headlights, side airbags and curtains, front passenger safety belt reminder systems and advanced collision avoidance features. Safety leads even quality and durability of the product.

Chapter 6: Case Study 1. “Intellectual Property and the War over Software Maintenance”

1. According to Oracle, how was TomorrowNow violating intellectual property law?

Answer: Oracle is the Customer Connection Web Site who protects the password of their customer and the second largest supplier of business applications worldwide. But there are another company was bigger to Oracle; this is the SAP. SAP is the first largest company than to the Oracle. These two companies’ was competing for many of the same customers. In the year 2005, SAP acquired TomorrowNow, a provider of third-party maintenance and support for two of Oracle’s software packages. TomorrowNow Inc., a company formed by former PeopleSupport executives. Oracle, as well, provides maintenance, support, and version updates for customers who use Oracle software. TomorrowNow violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act because they downloaded copyrighted material containing software updates, patches, bug fixes, and other information containing the all information ofg the client to migrate to SAP Company and JD Edwards products.

2. Why do you think Oracle sued SAP?

Answer: Oracle sued SAP because on the corporate theft on a grand scale and Oracle aslo argues that theft formed the basis of SAP to switch the customer to their company. And also the Oracle isn’t happy because the $120 million the Court awarded it in November over the TomorrowNow fiasco that SAP created for itself. Now Oracle is seeking $1 billion in damages from SAP.

3. What do you think should be done, if anything, to open the maintenance contract market to third-party contractors?

Answer: Software maintenance provides TomorrowNow the third party is at the heart of the corporate theft lawsuit Oracle filed against arch-rival SAP. The lawsuit actually opened up business—because some people didn’t even know there was a choice.

Chapter 5: Case Study 1. The Online Reputation War

1. Do you think it is ethical to pursue a strategy to counter online criticism and defend your organization’s reputation?Why or why not?


No, it is because that there are some people who criticize us, and we cannot avoid this thing. The best way that we should do is to always do the right things that no one will be affected in a negative way online or in the actual position, and also we follow the right objectives that has given by the organization’s.

2. What steps do you think businesses should take when promoting their products and services online? What tactics, if any, should businesses avoid?


The first step that the business do is to promote there product online and to provide a precautionary about there product to avoid others to fake or no one has do it before. The certain tactics that a business should avoid, is do not copy the style of others. It is because the originality is better than copying the style of others.

3. How should IT professionals and others respond to the people with hidden agendas who post negative comments about them on social media sites? What should online visitors do to detect misinformation posted in blogs?


There are many posted blogs that are not true it is because the person who doing this are insane. This things are can’t be avoided, maybe sooner or later, this negative information must be block from posting in social media sites. We as an I.T. Professionals we have a plan way to stop this, through the use of technology.

Chapter 4: Case Study 2. How to secure is our healthcare data?

1. What type of security breaches of medical records are common today?


a. Stolen or Theft of Data

b. Destruction Of Data

c. Diddling of Data

Some commit security breaches:

Out of curiosity

Out of carelessness

Some Laptops and Electronic Storage devices containing medical records were stolen

Some record are not protected by the password

2. What measures are being taken by the government and private industry to safeguard EHRs?


The measures are being taken by the government and private industry to safeguard EHR’s is to implement the health Insurance portability and accountability Act (HIPAA), commonly called the administrative simplification provisions, mandates the creation of standards to protect the confidentiality of electronic transactions within the healthcare system. The HIPAA Security Rule safeguards the confidentiality of electronic patient information. In implementing the Security Rule, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) regulated enforcement tasks to the Centers for Medical and Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS has the authority to interpret the provisions, conduct compliance review, and impose monetary penalties on organizations that do not comply with HIPAA security regulations. It recommends system features and practices that will help secure sensitive information in EHR’s and also begun auditing all the hospital to determine whether CMS reliance on complaints was sufficient to promote compliance with the HIPAA privacy provisions. This higher degree of control is thin the context of the electronic health record (EHR).

3. How do you think the implementation of ARRA will affect the privacy of our healthcare and personal data? What breaches do you foresee? How can they be forestalled?


I think the implementation of ARRA can make the healthcare system more efficient and it could stop the theft of medical records, however there are some securities breaches that could be possibly become more attractive to hackers and identity thieves as banks and individuals have become more sophisticated about protecting credit-building information. Many hackers and thieves won’t be stopped because of the money, after all but there are ways to protecting and safeguard data by applying the rules implementing the private and government industry.